This is Our Life

I am (dare I say) an about to turn thirty gal who’s {obsesh} with blog stalking has inspired the birth of this very blog. I studied chemical and industrial engineering and somehow managed a bachelor and masters degree. I married my college sweetheart and that he truly is! 

We didn’t want to wait and have children so the unprotected rehearsing began hehe. It started off good and well however, we struggled with infertility and heartbreak. After three years, ****lots of drugs, and a miscarriage, we finally welcomed our sweet Sebastian..
When I am not pretending to be sick or on vacation, I am an engineer working in the field of explosives. My weekend, sick and vacation days are enthusiastically (*note the sarcasm*) spent slaving over what seems to be never ending dirty clothes, dishes, kid, husband etc. To add to the chaos we decided to refurb (while occupying) the home I grew up in as a child. Can you say no bueno?! The end is never in sight and the dust and dirt does not make for a comfortable living environment! In the spare time I so desire, I love playing with makeup, shopping around for anything that has to do with my home.


This is Our Life! Heartbreak, Hope, and Our New Beginning!
 And then there were four!!