Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Vacation, Vacation!

We just got back from our family vacation and whew, traveling with 2 kids for 8 days is no joke! We only had 4 suitcases, a stroller, a car seat, a booster and both my husband and I carried separate backpacks, NBD. It seems like a lot and can be overwhelming but if you have the right equipment, and teamwork, it all works out in the end.

We purchased a tandem stroller so that our older son could ride along when he got tired. It was definitely worth the 100 bucks because 1.) I was able to keep track of him and 2.) walking almost 8 miles around Disney left him tired and I was one of few not carrying a sleeping Disney wasted child out of the park! The only downside to the stroller is that the shade cover is smaller in order to allow the second child to sit. So when Benji was sleeping he wasn’t as shaded as we would have liked.

Stroller// Via


I also purchased a stroller organizer so that we didn’t have to dig through the back pack or bottom storage for things we wanted to have close, but not carry. It safely kept our camera, phones, etc.


Stroller Organizer// Via

Another thing we purchased prior to our trip was a car seat and stroller bag travel system. We had one for Sebastian, but as with all luggage, it had already worn and the straps were tearing. This travel system is ideal because we were able to put both the cars eat and booster in the car seat bag and wear it like a back back. The stroller bag folds nicely into itself and can be stored under the stroller. We usually check in our stroller at the gate and have learned that not using a stroller bag makes for a ruined stroller. It takes a few more minutes to put the stroller into the bag, but its well worth it.


bububee travel System// Via

I ended up purchasing this backpack in California at Target. I have the Lily and Jade Diaper bag and as much as I want to love it (because it was a splurge) I just can’t. I feel like I am always digging to get to something and end up having to take everything out to find that something. Maybe I just don’t know how to organize it because everyone rants over it and it really is a beautiful bag. This one worked perfectly, though. It had 3 pockets. The smallest, I used for my things. The middle pocket was perfect to keep the diapers, wipes and changer and then the larger pocket I used to carry an extra change of clothes for each of the boys as well as snacks and bottles. Plus its super cute so win win! Backpack//Via

All but one of us was struck with a nasty virus so the first part of our vacation was spent trying to recoup. We did ok and still managed to visit the Aquarium in Long Beach, Legoland, Disneyland, Huntington Beach, and we also went bowling and swimming. The boys seemed to enjoy themselves and so that is really all I had hoped for. Benjamin had his first airplane ride ever, he experienced the beach (in retrospect probably not the best place to take a tot), met the famous mouse and did pretty darn good. Sebastian had already been to Legoland, but he didn’t seem to have any memory of it. This time he was excited and was probably old enough to really retain memories of it. He is 48 inches and was able to serve as the adult rider for his cousins on the rides at both Disney and Legoland so he loved that. He loves the beach and so the little time we were able to spend there was probably his best day. He got the sickiest of all of us, but I am so thankful he was able to enjoy the last part of the vacation.




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I am hoping the traveling will just get easier and easier as the boys keep growing and I am looking forward to our yearly family vacations to come. California was our litmus and we already have ideas of where to go and things we’d do differently for our next trip.

I look at this photo and I really can’t believe these beautiful babies are mine and that I have the very best partner to enjoy them with. Life with them is such a gift.