Monday, January 30, 2017

6,6,7 and 8

I’m pretty behind on getting updates posted these days. Needless to say that the word chaotic may not be enough to describe life with 2 kiddos. That and time really is a thief.

Sebastian turned 6 on December 20th and I have no idea how that even happened. His little features have turned into that of a big-little boy. Not sure how to best describe him these days, but I’ll do my best.

He likes me to style his hair in a faux hawk because his six grader friends told him he was cool.

He demands we listen to NPR on our daily commute.

He’s an over-exaggerator.


He woke up with a really bad feeling on election day that Trump would be the next president.

He has a gf, but she hasn’t the slightest clue.

He is affectionate. He has to hug all of his friends when he sees them.

He loves fire trucks and his Nino is his hero.

He has an easel in his room. He props his iPad on his dresser and follows a you tuber who teaches him how to draw.

He cashed in 600 dollars worth in change to donate to his classmate who lost his home in a fire.

He tried basketball, but hated it. He likes wearing his uniform though.

He could live on pizza alone, but is getting a little better at trying new things.

He loves Star Wars and gets mad when I mispronounce any word from his books at bedtime.

He wants to learn how to play the yukalaylee.

He’s still having a really hard time adjusting to having a brother even though he is super sweet with Benjamin.

He hates doing his homework, but is really smart. He is getting better and better at reading.

He is half way to being a 1st grader!

Benjamin turned 8 months on the 24th of January. I’ve found myself trying compare milestones  with how and what Sebastian was growing and doing at his age. The truth is, Benjamin although somewhat alike is very different from Sebastian. I am totally ok with him not crawling/walking yet. I am really not ready to let my baby grow.

He has the personality of his Papa. He’s calm and chill pretty much all the time.

He’s like his mama in that he hates being alone. If you leave the room and he is there all alone, he’ll cry.

Still no crawling but he likes walking while you hold his little hands so I’m thinking he’s gonna skip crawling and go straight to walking.

He sits up from laying position (kind of like a sit-up).

He’s still eating puréed food because he doesn’t like any texture whatsoever.

He waves hi when you hold his little wrist.

He walks backwards in his walker.

He got his first 2 little bottom teeth at 6 months.

He gets rosey cheeks just like mama did when she was a baby and is obsessed with his tongue.

At almost 7 months he weighed 18lbs 9 oz and was 2 feet 4 inches long.


He got his very first haircut in preparation for his big day, his baptism.



Parenthood is the most rewarding yet hardest thing. Seeing them grow and seeing them grow is great and hard all at the same time. These little boys are my light and I talk about them all the time because they truly are my life, my pride and my joy.

Happy 6,6,7 and 8 to my little prince’s.