Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Elf Redemption

“Pookie” the Elf was in need of redemption since he has been up to no good. Holding onto the kitchen cabinet “by his wiener” made him “such a weirdo.” Pooping in moms wine glass in the bathroom made him “so disgusting.” (even though he is magical and of course only poops chocolate chips) And eating Sebastian’s mini Reese’s cups was the last straw.


Sebastian was excited that the elf left him a note asking to bake him cookies. So off to make cookies for elf we went.



I was worried that having a boy wouldn’t allow me to do these sorts of activities, but Sebastian loves being my helper and I of course love spending time with him. I really do cherish these moments and am learning that things need not be perfect to be perfect. My mom tells me all the time that it was no accident that God gave me a little boy. I think she means someone had to rid me of my OCD/crazy lady behavior. 


The recipe for the Chocolate Chip Elf Cookies is one I have used for many years. I copied it from my mom who probably copied it off the back of the chocolate chip package and long time ago. I have tried others and this by far is the very best recipe I have come by.


Hopefully your elf is in need of some redemption, but who am I kidding….you should never need an excuse to eat homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

Comment below with your favorite elf’s shenanigans. I’d love to hear about them.