Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother’s Day! 

Being a mom can mean so many things and has hands down been the hardest most rewarding job I have had, thus far. My greatest privilege in life is being a mother to Sebastian and Benjamin. 

Some serious and not so serious musings from this blessed mama because being a mama is more than those erfectly staged photos. 

  • Clean homes and no laundry are a thing of the past. 
  • Date nights include a third wheel or 2.
  • New must places to travel include Disneyland and Legoland. 
  • Kids. My boys can change a bad day into a good one in a split second. The moment they laugh or wrap those arms around my neck and whisper mama, I love you, it really is what I live for.
  • They are high maintenance, though.
  • You will have to learn to function on little to no sleep because they either wake up at night or manage to sneak into your bed and sleep in positions that are most comfortable to them, but surprisingly not for you. You either have an elbow on your back, a foot in your face, someone is on top of you or you are forced to sleep at the very edge of your king size bed.
  • They are little comedians. those boys. They make you laugh and just be happy.
  • You will be the proudest mom, who over documents, when they pretty much accomplish anything. They sneeze a huge booger you were trying to fish out and couldn’t and there you go texting someone proof.
  • Before you know it, that little crook in your arm, they used to fill is waaaay to small and its pretty saddening. So you eventually sneak into their room and rest your head in their little crook. 
  • They are like little sourpatch kids, my boys. One minute sweet and the next sour.
  • They are smarter than you. They can get you to do anything with the curl of that little lip. Done.
  • You love your kids infinitely, but most days you are a mom standing in front of the clock asking for it to be their bedtime.
  • Locking the door means nothing. They. Will. Find. You.
  • And they will find your chocolate and eat it. All of it. You will have to hide in order to eat it. 
  • They lose their shit at the most inopportune times.
  • You are a superhuman if you can keep a house clean. I can’t, but id rather play with my boys. 
  • Anytime you wash your floor or sheets, they will spill or vomit. It’s almost a guarantee.
  • Don’t buy white couches. They vomit on those too.
  • If you have not touched some sort of bodily fluid, in your time as being a mom, you either have a gifted kid or a Nanny. Seriously. My experiences have ranged from vomit in my hair, stepping into poop that seeped out of a diaper and onto my secret keeping brown carpet and most recently fishing a poop ball floating in the bathwater, with my hand, before Benj beat me to the punch in attempts to put it where he puts everything…his mouth.
  • You will forget a child at least once, somewhere. I have indeed done this, however, it wasn’t in a hot car or in an unsupervised situation so it was kind of like it never even happened.
  • You will enjoy their innocence so much that you find it hardest to try and keep that for as long as you can.
  • They will cry all day long because they are teething and then take their first little 3 steps and you will realize just how much you couldnt stand life without them, despite the all day crying. 
  • You will watch them master the monkey bars and stand and watch and video countless times because they are so proud of themselves. 

Being a mom is hard. Some days I am tired and want to go away to my room shut the door and do nothing. But I signed up to this job and can rest when they are in college. Double-edged sword? Am I right? 

I try and raise my little humans to be far greater than me. To be compassionate and caring. To be accepting of everyone. To work hard for the things they desire. To give more than they receive. To be individuals. To value their blessings. To know that they must always try and if they fail, we will always be there to help them. In doing this I’ve realized that there is so much more to teach and learn. Both from my end and theirs. 

Bash & Benj fill my heart with so much love and joy. To me being a mom is doing all these hard things, being rewarded with the good things and knowing that no matter what, I am doing my very best in that moment.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas. The ones mourning, waiting, struggling and enjoying those babies. All of you matter and should be celebrated. And to my mama, my greatest example. And to my boys; my love for you is without limits. You both are singlehandedly my greatest joy and accomplishment. I love you both so much!