Thursday, May 18, 2017

Splurge Versus Save

I’ve got your Beauty makeup  “essential” save versus splurge round up. When it comes to everyday essential makeup staples, I am both an over the counter and higher end buyer. But sometimes a higher price doesn’t warrant a better product.
Moisturizer: I am obsessed with the Glam Glow Volgasmic moisturizer because it leaves your makeup looking pretty darn flawless, however, this is not your everyday product. It is on the pricier end and it wouldn’t last very long. Month tops? I’d say for prepping the face, I am on the fence and would say you would need both a save a and splurge product. Use the save product more often than the splurge. Splurge only for those special occasions!

Foundation – I have literally tried it all and believe it or not the L’Oreal foundations have been my go to tried and true favorite foundations. Most definitely a save! And there is a different one for all finishes and skin types!

Lashes: I’ve tried everything from Dior Show, Better than Sex to Cover Girl mascara and I am pretty darn certain that you can totally go with a saver and get the same results as a higher end product. So save away!

Liquid Eye Liner – I am that girl who 99% of the time has a winged eyeliner. Mostly because I feel naked without my wings! This is a total save product. NYX’s product is perfect for creating the precise winged look at a fraction of the cost. I’ll never switch! Save!

Concealer – I would definitely say this is a splurge. My experience with the Tarte shape tape has been worlds different than with the Mabeline concealer. The shape tape’s coverage is pretty darn amazing. I usually use this in combination with mac studio fix (on a powder brush) instead of a foundation when I am doing my makeup quickly and want a good but not heavy “foundation” looking coverage. You can not see one trace of my melasma with this stuff!. Worth the splurge!

Setting Powder – As much as I wanted to love the Laura Mercier powder, I just couldn’t. Every time I used it, my makeup would cake up. I tried it with several different foundation/concealer combinations in hopes that that was the issue, but to no avail, still cakey. NYX translucent powder is my favorite and you can pick it up for a fraction of the cost. Save!

I’ve linked my save, splurge or both products below!