Friday, February 5, 2016

To our unborn son: We are more than half way and can’t wait to meet you

I am simply the worst at keeping things documented. I found Sebastian’s pregnancy book while moving his things to his new Big Boy room and not surprisingly, it was half empty. I tried harder this time around, but time management is getting the best of me. I thought I would write a letter to our unborn son since not much is happening in the documenting arena.

Dear Sweet Baby,

It’s hard to believe we are more than half way there to meeting you. We are getting more and more anxious each and everyday. Slowly our fears and nerves are calming as my growing belly and your kicks (yep those strong ones started at around week 21!) are proof that you are in there and are growing both furiously and healthy. Its hard to believe it took us longer to get pregnant with you than it is taking for you to develop. You are a true miracle and are more wanted and loved than you will ever know. Your brother “just knew you were a boy” despite Momma and Daddy thinking you were a girl. We found out on Daddy’s birthday that you were a boy and despite Sebastian (that’s your big brother) trying to get us to tell him what you were over the phone, we waited so that we could see his reaction. He was shy to open his bag of candies. In the bag was blue or pink!

Sebastian is getting used to the idea of having a brother. He is used to having all of the attention from everyone as he has always been the only one. He watches a video every week on momma’s phone which shows him at which stage of growth you are. He always asks on his own to watch and never fails to remember. He loves going around comparing you to various fruits and vegetables the app compares you to. Just this week he was walking around saying his brother was the size of a banana and soon to be the size of a corn. He kisses momma’s belly and asks how you are doing all the time and is just the sweetest. A couple of weeks ago we we went to target and he had a lot of fun choosing some new outfits for you. He also wanted to know everything he did as a baby so you could follow suite. Already turning you into his mini me! (So you get nuk paci’s just like Bash because they have already been purchased)IMG_2349

Momma is feeling pretty good. So much more so than with your brother. So much so, I was convinced you were a girl. Although a girl would have been nice, I am completely and utterly thankful for another son. Queen of Casa Gonzalez, I hope. We are starting to get ready for your arrival, but there is still plenty to do. You will get a new nursery (your brother’s old room) and you will have to see what we come up with for a theme. We will give you a grand tour on your arrival. And most importantly, I (and I speak for Bash and Dad too) simply can not wait to meet you. To hear your first cry, to soak in all the goodness of your soft skin and yummy baby smell. To kiss your little feet. I can’t wait to teach you to be a gentleman, to be respectful and kind to others. To be your protector and biggest supporter. So so many other things we get to experience together as a family. I can not wait to be your momma!

Daddy is excited for another little partner. He has a lot of names planned for you, but Momma disagrees with a lot of them so hopefully daddy doesn’t win that one. (daddy also was unsatisfied with the gender ultrasound and thinks just maybe you are a girl haha.) We have another ultrasound today and will soon prove you are you and you are a boy! Another boy to wrestle and play video games with daddy says. He is the fun one, just ask your brother.

T minus 18 weeks – hopefully sooner (but not to soon)!


Just look how sweet you are?! You complete our family sweet baby!