Thursday, August 18, 2016

Queue the Water Works

We have a kindergartener! I know it sounds cliche to say you’ve blinked and they’ve grown, but its no joke. I’ve blinked and where has my baby gone?!



This is the first summer I’ve gotten to spend with my love and it has been fun and trying all at the same time. Lots of changes for him in both the last couple of months and the ones that lie ahead. Bash was not only promoted to big brother, he is now off to a new school. He is sloooooowly adjusting. What others may see a bratty or needy kid, I see as my sweets grasping for the attention he’s always had and now sees his new brother getting. It hurts my heart to see him struggle in this way because what he doesn’t realize, is how special and awesome of a boy he is and that he gets all that love and then some without even having to try. Although I’ve felt like I’ve had to exhaustively double my efforts to try and make him feel special these couple of months I have been with him, it is and has been well worth it. I envisioned a summer full of fun (and educational) activities, but my inability to be a supermom prevailed. The truth is that we stayed in our PJ’s mostly, ate more easy mac and lunchables than I am willing to admit and were only able to squeeze in a few Bash and Mom dates. This time and those dates were most special to me though. We swam, we picnic’d, we “worked out,” we went to the movies and most importantly many many Starbuck and Target runs (a boy after my own heart).

Sebastian is smart and funny. He asks questions about the atmosphere and when I don’t know an answer to some of his unending questions, he’ll quickly say “I’ll just ask my Dad, Mom!” He has me laughing at the silliest of things and is so thoughtful and sweet. The very best is when he tells me “I Love You, Mama!” and that I look beautiful (either I am raising some lucky woman’s dream or he knows how to work me to his advantage – ha). He’s full of energy and has the imagination and creativity of someone who is much older. He’s taken apart many LEGO sets we’ve begrudgingly bought, but comes up with the coolest creations. I could dote on him all day really. I am so very proud of the little human he is and although I’d love to see what he becomes, I don’t want my little darling to ever grow up. I want him to stay little forever, but alas, it’s inevitable. He is growing and it’s bittersweet. I love him more that he will probably ever know.






Sebastian call me “Bash” the youtube, snapchat and Lego guru dreams of nothing more than to be a Police SWAT with a farm. That or be a Storm Trooper at Disneyland (Dad has agreed as long as he gets us in for free!). He is the pickiest of eaters. Thanks, Dad! He however, loves pizza, sweet tea, mint Oreos and vegtables (not). He practically sleeps with his cowboy boots on and loves a good western movie. He’s the BEST big brother. He sings a song about compassion that I think he made up to Benjamin and it lulls that baby right to sleep.





Our 5.8 year old will be attending Chamisa Elementary during the 2016/2017 school year.




Best of luck to our joy!