Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happy Birthday, Benj!

Dearest Benjamin

You were indeed the missing piece to our little family. I simply can not believe a year has gone by. I sit here in a puddle of tears just thinking you had just arrived, were so new and finally here.

There have been so many adjustments we have had to make this past year, but none that haven’t been worth having you. Many things we have had to relearn, so many mistakes we have made, but never a day goes by that our love for you doesn’t grow two fold.

I cried when I accidentally gave away your coming home outfit during my post delivery fog and when I noticed the hospital didn’t get your little footprints. I know deep down those things won’t matter and its partly due to my internal struggle with wanting to keep you little forever. You are just growing and exploring and becoming smarter each day.

You have mastered your crawling and are now moving on to taking a few unassisted steps. Before we know it, you will be running around everywhere.

You have such a soft demeanor. And only get mad or when you are hungry. Or alone. You really hate that.

It may be those top teeth that took forever to come out. You were miserable because of it. You know have 5. 2 top, 3 bottom.

You sleep with mama and dada for most of the night. You aren’t too fond of your crib.

This happened when you got sick and we put you with us to be safe and you never left.

You have already gotten 4 haircuts.

You have the craziest hair. No matter what mama did, it would just find its way into a little fohawk so I eventually caved in and cut it that very way.

You were baptized and slept through the most important part of it.

You wave and say hi and bye.

You love Lucy the cat.

You play with anything that isn’t a toy. Like remotes and ipads and cell phones. You already called 911 on Mamas watch.

You love your dada, brother and Papa (grandpa) most.

You love music and to dance.

You shake your head no no when you don’t want something.

You shrug your little shoulder when you are shy and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

You give the best kisses.

You love the goodnight and snowflake song on youtube.

You love all food except peas.

You like to yell in places like church or target because I think you like how your voice sounds.

We call you Benny, Benj Bear, Benjamin and brother calls you BooBoos and chunkers.


My sweet and happy boy, it makes me sad to think that I wanted to give up on my fertility treatments because that would mean I would never of had you. So thankful God and Daddy gave me my strength. You are so worth anything I ever had to do. My beautiful baby boy, how I love you. Happy First Birthday, Benj. Promise me you won’t grow too quickly and will continue to let me smother you with my kisses! Benjamin Oliver you have mamas heart and love forever. Never forget that!