Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bash Says:


While trying to convince me he needed a 200 dollar Lego set he saw on YouTube.

Bash: “Mom, if you buy me this, I will do AALLLLLLL your chores.”

Mom: “What chores?!”

Bash: “You know…like the laundry…like all of it.”


While driving on the freeway, in traffic and in line to merge onto the exit, a cop passes and exits.

Bash: “Hey!! why does that cop think he can just take cuts?!”


While watching Despicable Me.

Bash: “Mom! Don’t you think that lady looks like one of the ladies from that show you watch?!”

Mom: “What show?”

Bash: “You know…that show….Botched!”


While driving down to visit family in Texas, Bash and Dad talking about how he will spend the money Grandpa gave him.

Dad: “Instead of just thinking of yourself, why don’t you buy something for you and each of your cousins?”

Bash: “No Dad!”

Dad: “Why not?”

Bash: “Dad, they are just from another culture.“


While trying to explain why some kids have mommies and or daddies that don’t live with them. aka divorce.

Mom: “Mommy and Daddy will work really hard to never let that happen to our family.”

Bash: “Well if it does, Mom, I will really miss you!”


While showering

Bash: (opens the shower curtain) “Mom!!! There are two of them! I only thought there was one (in complete disbelief of his newly found private parts discovery)”