Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Month 4

Our little Benj Bear turned 4 months on September 24th. He is the happiest and calmest baby. He smiles at anyone who gives him attention and we don’t know how we lived life without him. He is the missing puzzle piece to our family and is an exact replica of his Daddy. Eyebrows and all!






Current Weight: 15lbs 15oz and just starting to get his chubby thighs.


Height: 24 inches


New: Doesn’t roll over, but scoots with his legs. It is no longer safe to leave him on the couch or bed. We thought big brother had moved him when he was on the other end of the couch, but he did it all on his very own. He prefers to sit up rather than lay and so we tried his bumbo chair for the first time and he sat for quite a while. He also tried apples for the first time and wasn’t too sure about them.


Loves: His Daddy and his Pa. Music and to be sung to (Current favorite is Benny and the Jets). His Mama to rock him to sleep. And he still loves bath time.


Hates: Being hungry (who doesn’t) and maybe the only other time he cries is when he is overly tired.


Nicknames: Benny, Benj, BooBoos, Gigi, Love Love, Little Oscar


Most handsome little angel is sleeping through the night, mostly!